Our attitude

The Central Arquitectos was born in 2001 fruit of the will of Pedro Lima and José Vale Machado. Headquartered in the city of Braga, rapidly expanded its activities in national and international terms, with significant market presence in Angola since 2007, and, lately, in Brazil, a company created in 2011.


Each project is unique. It combines functionality and beauty. It does not boil down to the sphere of practical purposes. While the utility is present, it goes beyond the purpose. It includes attitude and personality. It turns the space into an experience. Personal and unique. Dense. Comfortable. It integrates cultures and experiences, emotions and states of mind. Able to surprise and exceed expectations. 

Comfort. The space where we live, work or which we use for leisure molds the senses and the state of mind. It defines quality of life. Whether it is a plaza/square, a store or the living room, each space is someone's territory. 

Innovative capability. Architecture creates tailored-made solutions. It understands lifestyles and how every customer exists, feels and thinks. It responds to interests, wishes and aspirations. It integrates cultures and experiences. It surprises and creates value, while exceeding expectations. 

Availability. Precision and timeliness. Listening, giving advice and creating solutions. Clarifying and explaining, monitoring each work from start to finish. Whether it is the layout design, design or choice of furniture, lighting, infrastructures or selection of decorative pieces.

Contemporary language. Harmony between functionality and aesthetics. Attitude in creativity and innovation. Detail. Concern with quality. 

Versatility. Whether we're dealing with small refurbishings or comprehensive work, the same commitment and attention to detail. "Central Arquitectos" creates environments. 

In a perspective of continuous improvement and strengthening of the capacity of the company in foreign markets, Central Arquitectos was supported by ON.2 program - "O Novo Norte", framed by QREN and European Regional Development Fund by European Union, under the incentive SI Qualification and Internationalization.

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