MC House
LOCATION Braga, Portugal
Year 2009
Area 525.00 sqm
Promotor Privado
Structural engineers Profijecto Engenharia, SA
Hidraulic engineers Profijecto Engenharia
Construction RXAF
Electrical engineers Acácio Cerqueira Projectos
Categories Interior Design , Housing
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MC House

The starting point was an existing edification that the customer wanted to have remodelled and adapted to today's requirements and comfort. The existing edification was of no architectural value, as the project's conditions were set by the existing structure and the building's space and perimeter. 

The idea was to endow the edification with more contemporary features; hence the need to clean up all of the architectural "noise," namely unnecessary balconies, eaves and projections, always seeking to achieve improved formal and spatial clarity. 

We designed large openings on the façade and terraces to create a favoured relationship with the exterior, while always retaining privacy, which was one of the concerns of the customer.

In functional terms, there is a clear separation between social and more private areas, with the entrance floor leading to the kitchen and living and dining rooms, the first floor taking us to the bedrooms and the basement to lounge and storage areas. The patio includes a swimming pool and a large terrace.

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