CISO Dental Clinic
LOCATION Guimarães, Portugal
Year 2006
Area 139.20 sqm
Promotor Clínica Integrada de Saúde Oral
Hidraulic engineers Alcepi, Lda.
Safety engineers Alcepi, Lda.
Electrical engineers Acácio Cerqueira
Construction BEC
Categories Health , Interior Design
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CISO Dental Clinic

The interior remodelling project for Clínica Dentária CISO reflect a commitment made as the assumption for integrating and account for an extensive functional program, in a 150 sqm venue - in a business property that is part of a multifunctional building. 

The subsequent rationalization of the creative process, in order to optimize available areas and properly combine the various compartments, did not pose an obstacle to the space's aesthetic and scenic enhancement. 

This is a structured space endowed with a strong identity, as rendered by the profile of the central distribution axis, by the intensive use of the corporate colour on surfaces, by the clear-cut exposure of the indoor space to the large glass façade and by the careful use of light in hidden crown moldings. 

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