White Dental Clinic
LOCATION Lisboa, Portugal
Year 2008
Area 1 380.00 sqm
Promotor White Life, Lda.
Structural engineers GEG e OBJECTO, Lda
Hidraulic engineers Alcepi, Lda.
Safety engineers Alcepi, Lda.
Electrical engineers Atmaia
Mechanical engineers BVML, Lda.
Construction BEC
Categories Health , Interior Design
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White Dental Clinic

The project involved and extremely enticing challenge: to develop an innovative concept of an integrated health venue and work its functional program – complex and evolving - around that, in a physical space that is equally appealing but demanding. The program's complexity is intentionally shown in the design. 

The line defines the movements – for connecting between apparently random spaces and undisciplined and expressive shapes. The light diffused by white surfaces decodes and arrays the design in a hierarchical format. 

Without any prejudice, the limits themselves are absorbed, as defined by the existing space - with a strong structural character -, and without giving up on its identity. The result is an obvious tridimensionality, made up of more or less obvious contrasts, but which seek to be stimulating and distinctive.

The definition of the work spaces results from an distinct approach, where the materials, textures, light and furniture were thought out to guarantee a suitable comfort index, thus ensuring the necessary flexibility in responding to differentiated functional logic.

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