White Office
LOCATION Lisboa, Portugal
Year 2008
Area 270.00 sqm
Promotor White Life, Lda.
Structural engineers Alcepi, Lda.
Hidraulic engineers Alcepi, Lda.
Electrical engineers LAM - Engenharia
Mechanical engineers BVML, Lda.
Safety engineers Alcepi, Lda.
Construction Classpinta, Lda
Categories Services , Interior Design
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White Office

Within a city block in the area of Santos, in Lisbon, the opportunity emerged to reformulate the interior of a former warehouse/workshops (around 210 sqm), to bring together a set of services and administrative assets that were scattered.

The program only defined the functional areas, the necessary equipment and the customer's ambitions, making it possible to freely look into the types suited to each function along with the wealth of resulting interrelations.

The building's character was prominent in modelling the spaces. The idea was to “separate” the new elements from the existing enclosure, enabling a continuous reading of the space via the perception of existing walls and the metrics of the wooden trusses that highlight the different spaces. 

The existing openings, supplemented by skylights, allow natural light to stream through the spaces, reflecting the white areas and highlighting the natural tone of the stone walls devoid of any coating.   

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