Bike Zone Store
LOCATION Braga, Portugal
Year 2006
Area 390.80 sqm
Promotor Bike Zone
Categories Retail , Interior Design
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Bike Zone Store

| More than designing a bicycle store, the work's goal was to develop a “flagship store,” serving as the headquarters of the BIKEZONE group, while launching a visual concept for the brand name to be implemented in every branch store, within a logic of expanding throughout the Iberian Peninsula.

The basic space, a 510 sqm business area and a ceiling height of 5.6 meters, allowed us to develop the space at various scales, combining large open areas with more tense and controlled points.

These transitions are brought about by the dynamic geometry that orients planes and vertices of the designed spaces. The stripping and the cement's austerity of the existing floors, walls and ceilings are assumed as the ideal background, enabling us to explore the warmth of the raw wood and the resulting contrast as an element of formal and chromatic composition.

The resultant image nicely reflects the dynamic character and the business aggressiveness of these products, while turning out to be the ideal support for the brand name's principles and values. 

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