Fernando Shoe Store
LOCATION Braga, Portugal
Year 2013
Area 73 sqm
Promotor Fernando da Silva Carneiro, SA
Photo credits João Curiti
Categories Retail , Interior Design
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Fernando Shoe Store

The Sapatarias Fernando Group's business areas have always featured a certain aesthetic eclecticism which rests on diversified concepts. 

In this context, and in preparation for the future of the brand name with new business approaches, a “flagship store” concept developed for the store located at BragaParque shopping centre. 


Underlying this idea is the creation of a new corporate identity applicable to new and distinct business spaces.

The display and sales area's general organization is devoid of conceptual complexities, while delving into direct visual communication and a quick grasp of the space.

The uniqueness of basic materials applied on floors and walls, the controlled use of shines and textures, combined with the technical lighting aspect, emphasize the space's scale and define a level of perceptive, captivating sensory comfort. 


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