Champanheria de Janes
LOCATION Braga, Portugal
Year 2012
Area 46 sqm
Client Champanheria de Janes
Hidraulic engineers Alcepi
Safety engineers Alcepi
Photo credits João Morgado
Categories Retail , Interior Design
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Champanheria de Janes

The project proposes the interior remodelling of an area within a shopping plaza located in the historic quarter of Braga, creating a bar that serves "tapas." The shopping plaza comprises a side entrance leading to the venue, which is arrayed on two different levels, thereby adapting to existing heights. 

Thus, the higher elevation and relating to the outside provides for a space linked to a bar that includes a counter and pantry, while the lower elevation comprises a more welcoming space for enjoying "tapas" with seating and associated with a wine cellar. 

The blend of materials, such as wood and bronze, combined with a palette of warm colours, endows the space with an image of continuity and originality, making it possible to create a warm, intimate identity reminiscent of the ambiance in champagne cellars. 

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