Natura Pura Store
LOCATION Lisboa, Portugal
Year 2011
Area 36 sqm
Promotor Natura Pura, SA
Electrical engineers J. Carvalho da Silva
Photo credits João Morgado
Categories Retail , Interior Design
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Natura Pura Store

The NATURAPURA store sells children's 100% cotton clothing and accessories, non-dyed and with no chemicals.  The proposed architectural concept attempts to address these features of nature, by presenting simplicity and purity of shapes.

The typical store's cross-section constitutes the space that serves as support to the products' main display. For its part, the cross-section is marked by wood-coated flooring, natural material, which folds to overlay a wall and the ceiling with the lowest height. 

Besides the wood, the remaining space is mostly painted white and complemented with photographic images of NATURAPURA products. The wall at the back of the store also comprises a few notes in a musk green colour, painted on the under facing of glass panels covering it.

Another determining feature of the concept behind NATURAPURA stores consists of the double-height ceiling in the entrance area, whose perimeter walls are overlaid with photographic images, while the frontal wall relative to the entrance shows the brand's logo. The customer service counter is a prominent item in the store's interior space, given its central location and visual framework relative to the entrance, its musk green colour on the wood, as well as its organic shape.

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